They say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’. Have you ever considered that your ‘book cover’ is the content on your website? Or even your Facebook page? This is where I come in! Well-written content can make or break a business: Creating a positive first impression and establishing your brand’s message.

Having content written specifically for your audience, whether it be a blog, press release, product description, social media post or your company website, can give you the results you desire.

Websites are usually the customer’s first point of awareness for your brand. Think about how you found me: Did you find my website before my social media pages? Good copy will not only help you secure sales with customers, it can also bring you more traffic.

Google will rank website with good quality and relevant content higher than those without. While some claim to have knowledge of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ keywords to help bump you up in Google’s rankings, if the rest of the content isn’t relevant or specific, you’ll actually be putting yourself at a disadvantage.